Concrete's own nature, "hydraulic", is it's own worst enemy.  Concrete does three things; cures/dries/hydrates.  All three involve the "binding" of water with portland cement molecules....and....with the "free water" evaporating from the concrete/cement matrix.  It is the small capillaries that this water "moves out" with....the 'super-highway' of moisture travel.  This same capillary system is the culprit for moisture, sulphates, chlorides and other elements penetrating inwards of the concrete.  This affects the reinforcing steel and the very nature of concrete itself.  Fixing concrete's inherent flaws with another "portland based patch" is flawed from the start.

The Backstory

The Fix


MG-Krete is a two-part magnesium poly-phosphate material (mag/phos); a liquid activator and a powder that is a PERMENANT (Ionic) bonding fix to concrete....easily the most versatile product on the market today.  Here are the main characteristics of this material -

  • Around 2,500 psi in 45 can drive over it in an hour!

  • Ultimately sets to around 12,000 psi

  • NO Primer

  • Not mix critical;  a little wetter or little dryer doesn't matter

  • Great Vertical and Overhead product

  • Can be extended for thicker sections with up to 40% 3/8ths pea gravel aggregate

  • ZERO Shrinkage and 100% Water/Moisture Proof

One unit comes with a 50 pound bag of dry and a one-gallon liquid.  One unit will do 0.45 cubic feet, or -

  • 40 square feet at 1/8" thick                         

  • 20 square feet at 1/4" thick

  • 10 square feet at 1/2" thick


NO WATER - water kills this material instantly.  A steel brush to quickly clean any reinforcing bars and loose material is all the prep you need.  This material will bond to glass!   The applications are only limited by your imagination....

MG-Krete Self Leveling Underlayment - the same great mortar designed to naturally level at 1/4 inch over any substrate - twice the strengths of conventional portland cement modified levelers. 

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